Veggies & Steaks – Visual Identity

This is my exam assignment for a course in basic graphic design at the IT University of Copenhagen. The assignment asked for a redesign of the Copenhagen-based restaurant Rizraz. I proposed to narrow the scope in target audience to focus on healthy food, vegetarians and women, as these already accounted for most of the target group.

I proposed a new name, ‘Veggies & Steaks’ to create an informal and modern feel, and set the logo in the typeface Archer, which with its rounded terminals comes across as very feminine and casual.

I wanted recycled paper to be an integrated part of the visual identity as it both signifies informal, inexpensive, as well as eco-friendly, while providing much potential for their catering packaging.


The two subpages of the website seen below adheres to the same grid as the frontpage, based on the 960-grid system. A four-column variation makes for neat chunking of the information displayed on the page. Notice the breadcrumb and the green dot in the global navigation – these details help the user easily navigate the site (the images are thumbnails for larger versions).