Under Byen – Logo design

During a course on basic graphic design at the IT-university of Copenhagen, we were asked to create a new visual identity for band. I chose Under Byen, as I like the ambient quality  to their music. I drew an illustration by hand as I wanted a handcrafted feel.

The music of Under Byen is ethereal, intimate, subdued and deep. I wanted something that on an ideological level signified this ethereal nature of the music, and I came up with the inversion of landscapes, featuring a cityscape on one side and a mysterious landscape on the other. By presenting the landscape on the top, the logo reflects Under Byens’ different ethereal perception of the world, indicating that there is a hidden reality under our feet.

The drawing was then made into vector graphics in Adobe Illustrator, colored with an 80% black, and the typeface Archer Light in uppercase epitomized the fragile, feminine and classical feel I was going for.