Mnemowise – Interaction Design Project

In a course in interaction design at ITU, I collaborated with two fellow students in creating an piece of wearable technology assisting forgetful people in remembering the objects they tend to forget, when leaving a location. Two years later, this company emerges: StickNFind, who pretty much created and monetized our concept. Obviously not a bad idea! Read the report here (.pdf)

User Studies
The project was very process-oriented, and we conducted extensive user studies in the shape of cultural probes, focus groups, and personas. During focus groups we used participartory design, low-fi prototyping, bodystorming, and moodboards, as we sought to thoroughly understand the user group. The picture below show two participants during our focus group.


Didactical Intent
The poster shown in the image below shows the interaction with the MnemoWise. We wanted to not only create a service that made people rely on the service to remember things, but rather as a learning tool towards creating awareness of the situation in which things are forgotten.