More about me

I am a UX designer with a passion for creating meaningful and well-designed experiences, firmly grounded in user understanding.


I work at Clio Online, a Copenhagen-based producer of meaningful, digital learning materials for primary and secondary school. My responsibilities include uncovering user needs, developing information architecture and user interface design, and producing working prototypes in Axure. Furthermore, I work in close collaboration with graphic design and write specifications for the developers.


Throughout my academic career I have been passionate about crafting experiences. As an English student I focused on the reception of literature; how fiction manages by a simple a constellation of words to create meaningful experiences for the reader. At the IT University of Copenhagen, I have had the opportunity to explore the other side of the coin, namely digital media, including digital games, which has deepened my understanding of how digital media is designed, constructed, and received by the user.

This had led to an interest in anything that uses new media to craft experiences and impressions, whether this would be didactic design, branding and strategic communication, user experience design, alternate reality games, interactive literature, etc. You name it, as long as it involves orchestrating an intended effect.


I have written my thesis on the topic of digital didactic design for the Danish primary and secondary school and how interaction design, gameful design and gamification can help create motivating and persuasive digital experiences, helping both learner and teacher reach the goals presented in Fælles mål.


In my spare time I engage in nerdy activities. I love to read science fiction, play games (especially of the first person shooter type), listen to music and watch movies.